Computime awarded the Veeam’s Gold Partner Certificate

Why Computime?

Being one of the leading IT companies, known for developing back-up systems, business data recovery and data management, Veeam has entrusted Computime due to its highly competent personnel ready to support the entire process from pre-sales to the installations itself. With continuous training based on the latest technology trends, Veeam considers Computime as their strategic partner to reach out to customers in Malta and show them what they can achieve when they engage with their ecosystem.


Why Veeam?

With today’s fast-paced remote working solutions, clients face many challenges. It is in their high interest to not waste time with downtime and data loss, keep their backup safe from any malware, reach their goals on time and protect their corporate data at home while keeping their finances in check.

Veeam is the solution for all, offering the latest technological capabilities for data loss recovery, protection against malicious encryption and deletion, and up to 20x savings on storage costs for secure lifecycle management of your backups.

They also offer an extensive range of cloud data management for all customer who are moving to the cloud. Whether they are just starting out or well into their hybrid cloud journey, it can be a powerful, profitable extension to your data center and application sales.

As Computime is in the leading market for Veeam, we ensure that we use our best skills and knowledge to ensure that these solutions are generated for our customers and successfully deliver all the necessary technology updates that Veeam is implementing across the competitive industry.