On Display at ISE 2020

It is that time of the year again, time to travel to Amsterdam and to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020, to bring with us exciting new innovations and to meet with European customers, partners, vendors, and industry colleagues.

The modern workplace is transforming into collaboration hubs – digital and smart, open and engaging, creative and interconnected to enable collaboration across borders. Cisco’s many innovations on display at ISE this year clearly illustrate the major transformation taking place across the workplace. It is important for all organizations – small or large, private businesses or public services – to stay close to customers and their needs, to attract talent and engage employees, and collaborate with existing and new partners in order to adopt the best tools to get things done.

Future of Work Happening Through Integration with Partners

But the innovation is not only happening within Cisco. Increasingly innovation is happening together with our partners through integrations using our open and powerful Webex platform and our open and advanced Webex Rooms.

Last year we announced our strategic partnership with Samsung and a commitment to deliver solutions that make it easier for organizations to adopt the future of work, helping to reduce multi-vendor barriers.

First is Webex on Display, merging Samsung’s leading signage display technology together with Cisco’s leading video and collaboration technology through Webex Meetings and Webex Rooms. This provides an industry-first plug-and-play offer to transform any huddle space into space for engaging meetings with your extended team, connecting face-to-face with those who matter, when it matters. Webex on Display for huddle spaces is offered as two variants combining Webex Room Kit Mini with Samsung 4K Display QMR 49’’ or 55’’.

Next is Webex on Flip, merging the Samsung Flip 2.0, the best flipchart and whiteboard experience with Cisco leading workflow experiences for virtual teams through Webex Teams and Webex Rooms. This allows teams to effectively ideate, create and progress towards their common goal. Webex on Flip complements Cisco’s market-leading portfolio of Webex Boards, the Webex Desk Pro and the Webex DX80 for co-creation through the Webex Platform. Webex on Flip for huddle spaces are offered as two variants combining Webex Room Kit Mini, with new capabilities to support interactive displays, with Samsung Flip 2.0 55’’ and 65’’.

Cisco has also partnered with Samsung to bring the most natural and powerful experience of face-to-face meetings through the Webex Room Panorama, setting a new standard for dividing the room in half and adding 5,000 miles, as people come to live on Samsung’s 8K QPR displays optimized for the purpose.

And remember back in November we announced a partnership with Microsoft to make it easy to join MS Teams meetings from Webex Rooms, removing a major barrier for users and make a huge step to take the Collaboration industry to be adopted by any organization.

Source:- https://blogs.cisco.com/collaboration/future-of-work-on-display-at-ise-2020