From desktop or laptop computer malfunctioning, to losing connection to your network when you absolutely need to access that important document, straight through to the most highly complex and deeply technical issues, we’ve all experienced days at the office when things simply don’t seem to work the way they should!

That is where Computime Technology’s support team come in. Equipped with a multi-disciplinary set of skills, your support call is received by our helpdesk team for initial assistance. Calls may be escalated and passed on to a competent technical representative depending on the severity of the support call logged.  Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) cover every eventuality – from low to high-level priority incidents – to complement your business criticality thus ensuring your technical issues are addressed in the best way possible every time.

With the increasing reliability on technology in businesses of all sizes and the need to avoid detrimental system downtime, a growing requirement to provide technical support – well beyond that which one or even a small team of in-house IT people has the ability or time to offer – has intensified over the years.

Moreover, if like most businesses you are having difficulty maintaining your service levels due to increased volumes of calls during the day, periods of high business activity and responding to your client requests efficiently and effectively, offloading your technical support to Computime Technology may be the quick-fix solution you are looking for.