We provide comprehensive IT coverage leaving you free to concentrate on what is truly important – developing your company’s core competencies and winning new business.
Cloud computing is changing the way we look at technology and the value it brings to the enterprise.  If done right, it can be a powerful tool and a dominant driving force that moves business transformation and accelerates return on investment.

At a time when everything revolves around cloud-enabled applications, the need for a fully-dedicated team capable of managing a vast range of IT tasks has never been more felt than it is now. That’s where Computime Managed Cloud Services comes in.

Our end-to-end services package is the solution for eliminating burdensome and time-consuming daily routine IT checks and processes, allowing you to fully focus on projects strategic to your organisation’s improved operational agility, growth and efficiency.

We offer a collaborative agreement which complements the expertise of your internal IT department, fills any gaps in technology (or adds to it) and provides a fall back solution in cases of critical system downtime.

Computime’s Systems and Managed Cloud Services offering manages any application or technology to provide:


  • Central help desk
  • Workstation support
  • Consultation
  • Database management
  • Security Application monitoring
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Customer specified health checks
  • Servers
  • User management
  • Storage
  • Hardware support
  • Networks
  • Reporting
Our Services
Central help desk

First line support is provided by members of our help desk team. Calls may be escalated with a Computime technical expert to provide remote support or to schedule an onsite visit.

Workstation support

With your collaboration, we maintain an approved list of applications for your ‘Standard Workstation Configuration’. This Standard Workstation Configuration applies to desktops and laptops referred to as ‘Workstations’. Under your instruction, our team of engineers roll out and support this configuration together with defined subsets for specified individual users.


Computime’s knowledge and experience covers your every IT requirement. We can help in the areas of design and installation of IT infrastructure, IT security, project management, budgeting and strategic planning.

Database management

We provide full lifecycle maintenance for your database products. This includes day-to-day maintenance such as table space management, memory management, user maintenance and reporting. Moreover, we carry out database monitoring, performance and SQL tuning, issue troubleshooting and resolution.

Patches and/or updates requested by the clients or recommended by the manufacturer for functional and/or security reasons are reviewed prior to implementation as may be required from time to time.


Our Managed Cloud Services package offers proactive and reactive measures for maintaining data integrity, privacy, access control and compliance with the necessary regulations.

Application support

Workstation support is provided up to OS level including installation of the Standard Workstation Configuration. Third party application support may be offered where well-defined installation instructions are provided. Arrangements between the customer and third party providers need to be made in order to allow us to obtain installation troubleshooting services. Alternatively, customers may approve the procurement of trouble shooting services and settle any dues directly with the third party provider.

Backups and disaster recovery

We configure backups based on best practice recommendations and customer or third party specifications. Furthermore, we check backup software has reported success and that it is operating correctly on a daily basis.

In assisting customers with meaningful data recovery strategies, we help mitigate exposure and establish measurable recovery time objectives. With your approval, we restore requested data from backup media as well as file and database restores of third party applications.

Customer specified health checks

We help you maintain continuity of your operations and avoid costly downtime with enterprise-wide system health checks. Our continuity management services involve rigorous monitoring of your systems and identifying, preventing and preparing for events that may disrupt business activities as well as establishing the plans necessary to efficiently and effectively recover potential data losses.


Our expert hosting and networking teams monitor, diagnose and support servers 24/7 from hardware level all the way to the operating system.

As part of our server management service, we configure and manage windows updates, perform testing and validation of backups, routine maintenance, security checks and software patches.

User management

Computime act as a central point through which new users are created and user-defined rights are assigned. We facilitate account management by granting access to appropriate content for different roles within your organisation and administer user profiles that include alerts or investigations and active directory authentication. Configuration errors are avoided and security significantly improved with restrictive group policies and password requirements.


Our storage services include monitoring disk space utilisation and providing recommendations for  upgrades, folder organisation and granting of permissions (configured with your approval).

Hardware support

We assist with the configuration, administration and troubleshooting of those devices that form part of the solution.


We provide continuous WAN link status monitoring using appropriate monitoring and notification tools. Moreover we manage and administer carrier/ISP issues, analyse your bandwidth usage to identify bottlenecks or utilisation trends (to optimise bandwidth usage wherever possible) and if necessary, make recommendations for upgrades.


Computime provide periodical reports on efforts and findings as well as the general health of your system and historic reports of your uptime.

Proven Results
Computime’s Managed Cloud Services offer:


  • Improved agility; faster implementations
  • Helpdesk facilities; rapid response to fault reporting and ordering ensuring minimal downtime
  • Supplier management; convenience and peace of mind in dealing with a single company
  • Maximum performance; proactive patches and updates; reduced upgrade risk and downtime
  • System resilience; world-class security and compliance
  • Cost predictability; no hidden charges, pricing works on a contractual basis