Managed Services

Our co-location services are  bundled with our managed services to deliver customer value add. Managed services provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with regards to system uptime by providing proactive maintenance and day-to-day monitoring of your hosted system within our NOC. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing/controlling the cost of a computer network
  • Automating system administration processes
  • Leveraging system resources and personnel
  • Proactively managing your system resources
  • Dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to determine the root cause of a failure by providing device and subsystem status in the context of other related devices
  • Provide administrators with real-time status information on any polled device
  • Provide rapid problem isolation and determination and support long-term planning by identifying and reporting patterns of activity and trends
  • Establish predefined parameters to alert the system administrator(s) of any unusual system activities
  • Improving user response time, traffic patterns and prevent loss of mission-critical resources
  • Safeguarding and Protecting the enterprise from malicious or accidental introduction of viruses
  • Ensuring optimal real-time system configuration and performance


Our offering includes two managed services

Application Service Provider (ASP) Managed Services, which includes the day-to-day management of your server infrastructure solution, including:

– Operating system health monitoring;
– Daily backup monitoring;
– Microsoft Infrastructure services monitoring, including AD, DHCP, DNS;
– SQL server health monitoring and management;
– Remote access solution management

Security Managed Services comprise the day-to-day management of your security infrastructure solution, including:

– Management and monitoring of Firewalls;
– Management and monitoring of Internet connectivity;
– Management and monitoring of WAN Link connectivity and reliability

Our comprehensive managed services have you covered with year-round, 24-hour remote monitoring, patch management, critical updates, current software platforms, software distribution, backups, anti-virus protection, and spam filtering.

By removing system management and security responsibilities from your IT staff and by providing end-user support services, you can focus more on the strategic needs of your organisation as opposed to the daily tasks required to keep your network environment stable.