Communication technology has developed rapidly over the past few years, and today it is considered one of the vital assets within an organisation. Fast and secure communication has become the norm even within small companies, and as communication channels continue to spread worldwide, this technology will continue to grow in importance.

Poly was founded in 2019 from Plantronics and Polycom with a specific focus on delivering high-end audio with powerful video and sharing capabilities, totally eliminating friction from collaboration.

As the lines between home and office have almost completely vanished, especially following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Poly aim to make your work-from-home experience all the easier to simpler do wherever and whenever. Poly solutions respond to human behaviour and get smarter all the time. Poly cloud management tools deliver insightful analytics and because it is essential that all solutions work seamlessly for the people who manage and use it, Poly’s offerings are tightly integrated with the world’s most trusted platforms and services.

With the recent takeover of PictureTel, Polycom have become the undisputed market leaders in videoconferencing. PictureTel’s state-of-the-art iPower systems now complement Polycom’s ViewStation range.

Poly/PictureTel local clients include Bank of Valletta, who chose the 550 model to enable videoconferencing between its branches. After representing PictureTel locally for the past few years, Computime Technology are now proud to partner with Poly.

Why Poly? Because Poly solutions work the way you work.

Choose Poly when you need

  • The most complete line-up of VoIP, video, telepresence, and wireless solutions
  • To reduce costs and positively impact the bottom line
  • Standards-based products that fully interoperate with your existing environment
  • Solutions that help lower your corporate carbon footprint and comply with regulations
  • The best way to equip remote employees with products that are easy to install, maintain, and use
  • Turnkey solutions that can be developed by your existing partners

Computime’s experienced communications engineers will assess the needs of your company and install a communications solution which will cater for your needs.

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