While you might not be able to prevent all the incidents that could put your operations at risk, you can plan actions to limit the impact of such incidents when they do occur.

Managing system outages, misconfigurations and corrupt data is common day practice for any business operating an IT environment. With Computime’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recover plans, we help you effectively plan for these outages in a way that works best for your business. Together, we ensure you continue to provide uninterrupted quality service to your customers, avoid costly system downtime, retain your relationships with internal stakeholders, and the trust and confidence of your IT team and other departments within your organisation in the knowledge they will be able to operate normally in cases of catastrophic system failure.

Our team of qualified technical experts have designed tailored packages – typically recommended to businesses and other clients operating within mainstream business practices and standard IT architectures – for a fail safe strategy that contributes to and ensures your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans are well in place and ready to take over in the eventuality of the unexpected happening.

Orchestrate your disaster recovery plan

Features and Benefits

No-impact recovery plan testing

Orchestrated recovery when you need it

Remote health monitoring

Automated protection and replication of virtual machines

Customisable recovery plans

Replication to and recovery in the cloud

Common enterprise challenges

Business continuity and data protection are critical issues for every organisation

Our cloud enabled Site Recovery solutions contribute to your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy by orchestrating replication of on-premises virtual machines and physical servers. You can replicate servers and VMs from your primary on-premises data centre to the cloud or to a secondary data centre. If an outage occurs in your primary site, fail over to the secondary site takes over to keep workloads accessible and available.

Cloud-first backup

Unifying data protection across the enterprise

  • Gets you out of the business of maintaining backups as your IT strategy shifts to the cloud
  • Supports born-in-the-cloud applications with all-in-one, cloud-native, backup solution
  • Protects remote offices and branch locations without the complexity of in-house management
  • Delivers faster time-to-value without the overhead and capital expense of standing up a backup solution
  • Stops hardware sprawl in its tracks even when facing severe app proliferation and massive data growth
  • Economical cloud pricing with pay-as-you-go storage

Cloud-first disaster recovery

Democratising disaster recovery

  • No infrastructure required – affordable, enterprise-grade protection for all apps
  • No need to sacrifice RPO and RTO goals
  • Supports critical workloads – Exchange, SharePoint, SAP, etc
  • Works with what you have – Hyper-V, VMware or bare metal
  • Easy to manage – automated replication, policy-based protection, and one-click orchestrated recovery
  • Premium protection against operational and human errors with intra-cloud disaster recovery and backup

Value-add cloud solutions plans specifically created with you in mind

Recovery to customer-owned site - €13/month; Recovery to Azure - €21/month
Protected instances: <50GB - €4; >50GB - €8; + Storage Consumed
Prices are based on monthly estimates and are not intended as actual price quotes. Consumption rates are in Euro and excl. VAT.

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