Cabling Systems

NEAT Networks


Our experience working on third party networks has encouraged us to develop the concept behind NEAT Networks. By choosing Computime to design and implement your network infrastructure, you are making an informed decision to invest in quality.

Computime provides for today’s networking needs with the added security of a 25 year system warranty.

Our team designs structured cabling systems that meet and exceed international standards. The integration of multiple services and the lowest down-time possible are intrinsic to every cabling project we deliver. We ensure that the infrastructure incorporates the highest degree of manageability, expandability and future-proofing. Besides comprehensively labelling and tagging every cable, Computime’s NEAT Networks are extensively documented, including ACAD drawings of the network design, test results for every network point and certification.

Current structured cabling standards constantly evolve and are updated to account for the ever-advancing requirements of new LANs. The cabling systems of the future will have to cope with the demands of Gigabit speed Local Area Networks, analogue and digital video and IP voice systems, as well as wireless interconnection nodes and Building Automation Systems. This, combined with the newly ratified Power over Ethernet standards, gives today’s IT and IS Managers some serious issues to consider when planning new networks or redesigning existing ones.